Good Morning From Australia!

Why hello readers, I am writing this post from Brisbane Australia. We made it!!!

Can’t believe we are finally here. 27 hours of planes and airports later it was certainly a welcome stretch for our legs when we landed yesterday morning 09:45 Brissie time. No complaints can be said for our journey though, it went like clockwork. Continue reading

Day 1: We are off!

Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever post! It’s travelling time! Today me and Mark will meet at Heathrow to embark on our journey across the sea to Australia. The flight takes 27 hours (that’s right…27!!) and sets off at 21:35.

Today I have been preparing, packing, showering, eating, checking, re-packing, charging, unpacking, packing again. But I am finally prepared! I thought that I would just share with you all what it is I have actually packed.From this maybe you can take a few tips away for your travels, or yell at me and tell me what I’ve forgotten/should never have taken in the first place you crazy fool. Continue reading