10 Reasons You Have To Go To A Hockey Game When In Canada

1. The food


Some of the best Poutine (Canada’s signature dish) can be found at hockey games, which basically consists of crispy chips, a shed load of gravy and cheese curds! Now as someone who could happily drink gravy (hello northern routes), this is a dish I can sure get on board with.

2. The cute hats and jerseys


There are dozens of different beanie hats you can get at the stadiums (known as tuques) and along with the jerseys, they are definitely the number 1 piece of attire for any supporter to wear to a game!

3. The atmosphere!!!!


Pumping music, exciting build ups and passionate fans all makes for a pretty amazing atmosphere once you’re in that arena.

4. The ridiculous puck shots


The speed in which that puck flies around the ice and some of the shots the players make are just insane… and when the home team scores oh my does the stadium ERRUPT

5. The loving fans


Canada lives and breathes hockey. If you thought all Canadian’s were quiet, inverted souls… head to a game and be proven wrong.

6. Turbo shandy


Canadian Beer + Hard Lemonade = excellent hockey game beverage

7. The players


There’s something about those hockey jerseys and helmets that could work for a girl! Then of course some of them look like this… ❤

8. The Cam Screen fun


Kiss-cam, Dad-cam, banjo-cam and flex-cam all make for amusing moments with the crowd!

9. The fights


I’m not condoning violence or anything!!! But it is all part of the game and damn is it entertaining.

10. When you WIN!


So i’m not blowing my own trumpet… but i’ve now been to 3 hockey games to watch the Senator’s (my families team) and every time the game has gone to extra time, then to a shootout, then to us winning!! So I’m pretty sure that makes me their lucky charm and I should get free tickets right?? 😄

J x

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