Day Trip To Kingston

A skip hop and a jump away from Ottawa (okay I lie… it’s a drive away), is the quaint little city of Kingston.


Kingston is nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario. Now when I say a lake I mean a CANADIAN SIZED LAKE and that means big if you didn’t catch on with the capitals… not these mere ponds we have in England! To me this makes the city feel like you’re on the coast, a beautiful frozen, snow covered coast.

The reason for heading here was the Queen’s University.

My cousins wife had some important sciency meetings to attend to for this awesome research she’s doing. It also happens to be the same university herself, my cousin Jamie and cousin Rebecca all went went to study, so certainly has some significance to my family!

It also just happens to be bloody beautiful!



The campus consists of these old, grand buildings that wouldn’t look amiss somewhere like Oxford or York.


In the snow, I did for a minute there, think I’d been transported to Hogwarts…


Seeing a white snowy owl flying by wouldn’t have taken me by surprise!

Like most American and Canadian Universities I got the impression that sports is a huge deal at Queens. They had great facilities there of gyms, basket ball courts, tennis courts, sports fields and shops full of sporting clothes with the Queens logos on.



They also had two huge shops full of uni merch!



I think all we had at Portsmouth Uni was a couple of hoodies you could buy from the tiny window in the Student Union, so for me this was mindblowingly cool! I couldn’t help but buy a t-shirt πŸ˜€


Similar I think to Portsmouth where I went to study, Kingston is fully a student city and the campus is a large part of it. Student houses are mostly on campus and from what my cousin was telling me it sounds like the students here can throw some pretty darn good house parties!

This was the street where my cousin Jamie and his now wife Shannon lived once upon a time! Apparently it was known as the party street… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Aberdeen Street:


The rest of the city is also a picturesque sight. I loved the complete jumble and mix of old buildings that line the streets, where no one building looked the same.

Everything looked that much more idyllic in the snow and I swear I spotted and icicle the size of me at one point!

County Court Hall:



We stopped off for lunch at a place called Woodenheads close by the shops and lake. It was a favourite of my families and certainly didn’t disappoint! As a gourmet pizza place with its own woodfire stove amidst the restaurant I picked a mouthwatering pepperoni one, along with a coffee cocktail called Butter Nutter. All I can say is: YUM!!

All in all Kingston was a great little place to visit for the day and lovely to see a place that holds so many memories for my family 😊

J x

2 thoughts on “Day Trip To Kingston

  1. Rebecca Whiteside says:

    This is great! I’m glad you had a good time visiting Queen’s and Kingston! Kingston is also where Darren was born and grew up and, of course, where he and I met. πŸ™‚

    I lived for many years in a big house (I had 6 housemates) on one of the streets that is a block away from Aberdeen – the address was 251 University Ave and it was nicknamed “Area 251”. Not a party house when I was living there but I guess it had a reputation. lol Aberdeen was relatively tame when I was at Queen’s but it got progressively more crazy as the years went on.


    • jess098 says:

      Amazing!! Good to know thanks Rebecca! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ so much family history there and connections made! Love it! The campus is so nice I can see why you all went there!! Haha Area 251, I like it! πŸ˜‰


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