An Unexpected Journey

There and back again, then repeat, then maybe miss out the back – A Wanderers Tale.

Recently I found myself with the backpack once again. After my job as a creative content writer vanished from my midst, I was left with a need to still write, to still photograph and that little itchy foot I always have going…to travel. Fortunately I was thrown a bit of a life line to do just that. With a new job starting in April and a few pennies saved up, it was time to take a another little trip to warm pastures, sunlit shores, glowing jungles…. oh wait.

I’m going to Canada in winter.


And do you know what? It was the best decision I ever made!

Off to capture the snowy peaks of the Rockies, eat my weight in Tim Horton’s donuts and slide across glistening frozen lakes. Camera packed, blog back up, passport at the ready and feeling very happy of the journey ahead.


I landed on Friday and guess what? It just so happens to be the coldest weekend Ottawa has had this winter… what a way to ease a girl in Canada!!


Outside in the wind there are lows of up to -40°C in the wind… that’s -40!!! I’m slightly worried I’m going to turn into Elsa from Frozen (wait who am I kidding I would love that). This time last last year I was in fact in +40°C conditions in the centre of Australia, this feels slightly different….


The air feels almost crispy. Imagine you’ve suddenly stepped into a giant freezer, where your fingertips start to go numb and you feel like if you cry you’re tears will become tiny snowflakes and you get the idea.


It is stunningly beautiful though. Pure white banks of snow blanket the streets and houses, blindingly white against clear blue skies. Once you get wrapped up and brave enough your breath is taken away as much by the scenery as the cold.


If I don’t turn into an icicle I look forward to exploring it all. Here’s to you, my Canadian adventure.

J x

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