Brisbane so far…

So we are now 3 nights in and just about getting over the jet-lag! After lots (and I mean lots) of walking, we seem to have seen many of Brisbane’s most famous sites; Tower Bridge, The Botanic Gardens and South Bank’s artificial beach to name a few! My personal favourite place so far has to be The Botanic Gardens

– They are stunning and you have the chance to experience some of the wonderful natural habitats of Australia’s wildlife (E.g. Lizards, which for the record, do not like getting pecked on the butt by big birds).

Talking of wildlife, me and Jess both had the privilege of holding a Jungle Floor Python and a baby croc! Don’t panic, the croc had it’s mouth taped so we still have all of our fingers! Phew! This was part of the Hostel’s entertainment on Thursday evening. The hostel has been lively to say the least, maybe even too lively… I mean lets face it, who want’s a large group of Aussie Footballers on tour running around outside your hostel room at four in the morning when you’ve just about adopted a normal sleeping pattern. That’s about it from me (Mark), I’m off to catch some much needed sleep (or at least try to). Jess will continue with this post and fill you in with everything that my muddled brain has forgot to mention… G’day!

Hello readers! So Mark has good reason to be tired and brain muddled today, it is currently 01:14 Brisbane time and our sleeping pattern is well and truly messed up! We thought we were doing so well, as yesterday we woke up after a good sleep (well as good as we could get in our party hostel) and had an energetic day exploring the city. Heading over to South Bank was a great way to spend a sunny afternoon, the false beach that has been created there was bustling with families and sunbathers enjoying a lazy day by the water. We were more than happy to join in and soaked up some sun (no burning thank you factor 50), had a dip in the very COLD water, had some food and walked back along the river towards home.

So thinking to ourselves that we had finally got over the jetlag we decided to go on a pub crawl last night. Which has subsequently led us to sleep all day today, clearly our bodies are confused at what on earth is going on! The pub crawl last night was great though and gave us the chance to meet the variety of backpackers staying at our hostel. It’s amazing to meet so many people from different parts of the world; we met Americans, Poles, Swedes, French, Germans and of course many English. Brisbane has a large night life in Fortitude Valley (the area where we are staying), with a variety of fun and quirky pubs and clubs. Drinks are expensive!! But we got a good deal with our hostel and some good tips from fellow travellers on what is cheap(ish). Still yet to try out some of Australia’s famous Goon wine, but I am sure there will be plenty of time for that. Tomorrow we hope to job hunt and figure out our next plan, for now more sleep is needed.

Jess & Mark



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