Good Morning From Australia!

Why hello readers, I am writing this post from Brisbane Australia. We made it!!!

Can’t believe we are finally here. 27 hours of planes and airports later it was certainly a welcome stretch for our legs when we landed yesterday morning 09:45 Brissie time. No complaints can be said for our journey though, it went like clockwork.

At 21:45 Monday night our plane roared into life and we soared upwards and away from the bright lights of London. We flew with EVA airways and were supplied with a soft blanket, pillow and personal interactive TV to play with. Sinking into our chairs Mark and me cuddled up, listened to some music and did some puzzles (thanks for the puzzle book Mum!). We made friends with a girl sat next to us who was travelling to Chang Mai in Thailand to meet up with her brother for 4 months. She welled up when stating that she had just said goodbye to her boyfriend….at which point we stopped cuddling quite so smugly!

The first flight was 12 hours and went much quicker than expected. We did some sleeping, some watching of films (X-Men was a great choice!) and were constantly supplied with yummy food. The staff were excellent and could not do enough for you, I think that you got free Beer but we were too happy with Tea to care about that. We stopped in Bangkok for a quick crew change and then got back on for another 3 hours until arriving at our change-over stop in Taiwan.

In Taiwan we had 2 hours to kill before boarding our last flight so we had a wander around the rather fascinating airport. It turned out that each boarding gate had its own theme, including a huge and very pink Hello Kitty area that was especially entertaining:


Still having time to kill and our ankles feeling a bit swollen we stumbled across a cute little Zen looking area with couches and plants. It was completely deserted so we picked this spot to do a bit of a workout!

Mark opted for some squat jumps:


Where I went for some planking:


We finished with racing each other round the plant pots (subsequently getting some strange looks from people passing by) and felt much looser and ready for our last flight!

Now the last flight certainly felt the longest, it was 9 hours and we tried our best to sleep but struggled and landed feeling rather groggy and drained. We had made it though so our smiles were big! Too early to check in at our hostel, we jumped on a train to Fortitude Valley (the area our Hostel was in) and had a walk down to the river and to Story Bridge. It was stunning as far as we could tell through blurry eyes.

Then we were off to check in at Bunk Hostel, our home for the next day. We found our beds, put our heads down and within about a second were in a much needed deep sleep.

Next: exploring time!



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