Day 1: We are off!

Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever post! It’s travelling time! Today me and Mark will meet at Heathrow to embark on our journey across the sea to Australia. The flight takes 27 hours (that’s right…27!!) and sets off at 21:35.

Today I have been preparing, packing, showering, eating, checking, re-packing, charging, unpacking, packing again. But I am finally prepared! I thought that I would just share with you all what it is I have actually packed.From this maybe you can take a few tips away for your travels, or yell at me and tell me what I’ve forgotten/should never have taken in the first place you crazy fool.

So I am taking 1 big 60L rucksack to carry my life in, 1 smaller day backpack that attaches to this and which I will be using for my carry on luggage, and 1 camera bag for my camera (funnily enough)


This, along with my tablet, is what I shall be taking in the day bag:


This is what I have managed to squeeze into my big rucksack:


Rolling and hair ties is definitely the way forward!!


Always make use of as much space as possible


And here we are, all in with room to spare yipee!



IMG_3716                              IMG_3718

So all packed and off to the airport now folks! I’ll check back in for post 2 when I land in Oz land!

Peace out



One thought on “Day 1: We are off!

  1. Nig says:

    Good start to you’re travel blog and forthcoming book…!!!
    Hope you and Mark have a wicked time… All that hard work was worth it…!!!

    Enjoy… Nig xx
    ps. Can you cover a shift on Saturday…??? 🙂


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